Web Analytics

Aximata Analytics

A set of data would not make much business sense, unless the data can be manipulated to uncover patterns that can give you an edge over your competitors. At Aximata we create that edge for you. We develop web analytics that would seamlessly integrate with your current online strategies.

With the overwhelming amount of data transmitting to and from your websites, your business will struggle to transform consumer information into insights and action. Carefully selected predictive analytics and statistical techniques can address the unique challenges faced in digital advertising and ecommerce; a selective strategy is very vital to help you build actionable media plans and anticipate, optimize, and execute them to measure audience performance.

We use the most advanced campaign and user analytics techniques to understand your consumer needs, anticipate your client’s future performance, and to help you make the right choices for your client.

Web Strategies

Aximata Web Strategies

Developing a sound web strategy is a lengthy process. A well-thought-out web strategy would address the following concerns

1. How to reach, attract and retain in customers,
2. How to build, maintain and improve your online reputation
3. How to effectively use the client information (Explicit and Implicit) using web intelligence and Analytics tools to promote your products and services

We look at the All Ys’ of your organization – Your vision and mission statements, Your web site, Your online marketing efforts, Your interactive media solutions, and last but not least Your current web domination strategies and determine the most appropriate web strategy for Your requirements.

Web Intelligence

Aximata web design Solutions

Aximata looks at your website with our 3U strategy (Understand you, Understand your competition and Understand your clientele) framework.
Understand You:The very first step in our web design process is getting a clear picture of your situation. The more we know about you, the better we can highlight your strengths through our web designs.

Understand Your Customers:Your web site is the primary method for communicating your reasons for your existence; it expresses your unique message and how well you fit the description of a solution provider for your prospective customers.

Understand your competition:We analyze your key competitors, for your competition can set the barriers for your entry, or even your exit in the market. Your survival in the industry will depend on how well you meet the expectations of your customers, which are largely determined by the competition itself. Your competition may also restrict your options for an exit strategy as well

Digital Marketing

Aximata online marketing

Your Online marketing efforts should concentrate on painting the true picture of you the very first time you enter the market. It may prove to be a hard task for you to address the short comings at a latter stage. However, an expert with the right tools and knowledge can still help you enhance your online presence.

We at Aximata, look at online marketing as a way to build, sustain and improve the reputation of online you. Even a tiny piece of information of you in the online domain can make or break the deal for you. Your competition is always on the lookout for information to justify their existence, and not yours. We can Understand your competition to come up with strategies to enhance your reputation and build your brand image.

Whether you employ a Facebook campaign, a twitter message or even a Pinterest board, they all should nicely integrate into a coherent online strategy to build and nurture your organization. At Aximata, we take care of all those nitty-gritty details on your behalf.